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About STEMulus consulting

What’s in a name? For us, everything.

STEMulus is a play on the word ‘stimulus’ which means an event that evokes a special reaction. This is exactly the kind of event/experience we organize for you. STEM, of course, also happens to be a famous educational acronym. However, for us,  it stands for –

  • SEE the issue/concern/problem first,
  • THINK about the problem, state it better, increase understanding, 
  • EXPERIENCE a solution/activity in a controlled environment, and  
  • MANIFEST the learnings/solution into your professional life or workplace.

How We do it?

Our name "STEMULUS" is a play on words that captures our mission to stimulate new perspectives and growth. As an acronym, STEM stands for "See, Think, Experience, Manifest"

stemulus consulting
We like to approach every client’s problem statement with our signature solution generation program. Involving four major stages, we start by sitting down with the client and understanding in depth (see) the main objective of the activity. This helps us state the problem statement with utmost clarity. This helps our strategy team brainstorm (think)  a customized activity plan that would address every aspect of the problem statement while ensuring that the participants remain engaged throughout the process. We then chalk out the plan and present it to you, for your understanding.

And on the D-day of the activity, participants get to experience & learn the intended takeaways manifest in the form of lessons learnt while they were busy having the time of their lives! But, our work doesn’t stop here. At the end of every program, we encourage the participants to think about their experience and share with the group ways they would be able to manifest a change in their approach towards the said problem through action points.

Sounds interesting, Right?

It will feel even more amazing to experience such a customized learning & engagement journey. We look forward to hearing from you & formulating just the right experience for you, and your team.

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